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Lasting Impressions -- UNthanked People/Lasting Impressions

Sometimes we don't take the opportunity or get the chance to reach back and say thank you ... you made an impact on my life, you were an important influence. I recently found a book and pages from a scrap book... I bet my high school art teacher, Andrew Marshall, doesn't really know that when I reflect on my time as his student and on his teachings I have super fond memories. Frank Lloyd Wright is still my favorite architect, I didn't like the smell of resin, my hard edge painting inspired the logo for my family's business, I still love pen and ink water washes, pointillism, crosshatching, impressionism and expressionism. I thought my acrylic painting was not a great art contest entry! I was inspired by his jovial attitude and insane laughter. Cheers to Mr. Marshall. I admire your work, I am grateful for you, you made a lasting impression on me. Thank You!

Who's your unthanked influence?

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