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I've decided to start sharing some of my in, perhaps, a blog. Me a blogger? Hmmm, I've always enjoyed writing. However, with slight OCD, focusing on a specific area seems too confining and a bit overwhelming. You see, I keep trying to narrow down my focus and, by the way, then I attempt to put everything into chronological order! Did I already say "OCD"?! So give me a little one as I begin this decidedly unorganized journey.

Personal Versus Lifestyle?

As in blog style... I choose both! Where may I happily share value to friends and readers? My experiences, like many others are broad. Much of my life I defined myself as working mom, which included mom, wife, CEO, friend, aunt, sister business owner, colleague. Now, its a little more like, former serial entrepreneur, new personal & lifestyle blogger, beach bum...absolutely more casual, yet relative! I plan to inspire readers, to create and recreate fearless self love practices "to live their lovely lives."

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