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Moving to the beach in 2018 was a leap of faith and a dream come true. Beach lifestyle and having grandchildren were two of three things I always maintained on my personal development if I could control both! I'm happy to say we have three amazing grandchildren who call me Nini, a story for another time! And, I cannot recall the third item so I'm pretty sure it must be my watercolor art! Exploring a new area, meeting new people and making new friends was more fulfilling than I expected.

In comes Nancye, awesome new neighbor and friend who had recently started a bookclub that I was invited to join. I also enjoy reading, but hadn't read for fun in a long time. Novels and a community of twelve new friends all together was a perfect introduction to beach life in Sussex County, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland!

Then I started painting again in 2020. Nancye @vermillion_real_estate was the first of my friends to suggest I create greeting cards from my watercolor art and hence became the affirmation I needed to get comfortable sharing my artwork! Thank you Nancy!

If you or somebody you know is in need of an outstanding real estate agent, reach out to Nancye Vermillion. 302-500-9255

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