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About Cheryl

Cheryl Zapata

I'm Cheryl, a native Delawarean, who took a giant leap and moved to Fenwick Island, Delaware in 2018. My lifelong yearnings: a passion for people, a relentless thirst for learning, a deep-seated appreciation for watercolor art, and the dream of beach life, all finally found their footing. Becoming a part of this new community sparked a compelling urge within me to revisit my artistic talents.

With my early art education serving as the strong backbone, I fell in love again and started my journey anew. As a young art student, I found a profound love for watercolor painting. But as life and a professional career unfolded, my art took a backseat. Yet, the dormant artist within me was far from extinct. Through trial and error, numerous art courses, and following other artists' inspirations, I picked up my paintbrush again in 2020. The touch of watercolor against the canvas rekindled the romance I had left behind. It was as if I'd discovered my craft's beauty all over again, finding immense inspiration in images, coastal settings, the everyday people around me, and the events of life.

What truly fascinates me about watercolors are their imperfections. Every stroke, every splash of color brings with it an element of unpredictability, an innate charm that adds to the beauty of the final piece. There's a certain truth in those imperfections, a reflection of life itself. And sharing this art, this inspiration has become a constant desire that continues to grow within me.

In honor of my late brother, I've become a fervent advocate for mental health awareness. My art, I hope, plays a part in this significant cause. When I'm not huddled with my family, I'm on a quest to forge new friendships, learn fresh watercolor techniques, and share inspirations. After all, every story, every person, every moment matters - and through my art, I'm saying, #youmatter

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Cheryl’s sketch books reveal the initial part of her process. Sketching is an insightful part of her creative thoughts in pursuit of images that represent her inner journey. Watercolors allow her to develop new ideas as she loves to let them inform her images with their flow to create perfect imperfection.



After the initial stage of sketching and exploring  new compositions, colors, shapes, there comes the time to choose the better options, and bring to fruition paintings that stand close to her initial intentions.


Making prints, framing the watercolors and socializing the images becomes part of a process that may not have an ending, as artists, the support and appreciation of the finalize artwork is an opportunity to understand the importance of each of the images as well as an opportunity to develop new ideas.

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