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About Cheryl

Cheryl Zapata

Cheryl embraces her most natural gifts in this next chapter of life, art and inspiration.

Early on, Cheryl shared her love of art with her mom, who invited her art teacher, Andrew Marshal III to tutor her after school.  Some of her most fond memories are of Mr. Marshall introducing her to resins followed by different projects with charcoal, acrylic, oil, ink and watercolor.  She now picks up her interest with watercolor through practical experience, learning though trial and error, taking courses and following artists as her foundation for new growth and expression.

Cheryl’s work is inspired by images, people and events throughout her life.  Influenced by the memory of the beloved, late brother and renewed during the pandemic of 2020, she focuses on healing and connecting through art and writing.


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Cheryl’s sketch books reveal the initial part of her process. Sketching is an insightful part of her creative thoughts in pursuit of images that represent her inner journey. Watercolors allow her to develop new ideas as she loves to let them inform her images with their flow to create perfect imperfection.



After the initial stage of sketching and exploring  new compositions, colors, shapes, there comes the time to choose the better options, and bring to fruition paintings that stand close to her initial intentions.


Making prints, framing the watercolors and socializing the images becomes part of a process that may not have an ending, as artists, the support and appreciation of the finalize artwork is an opportunity to understand the importance of each of the images as well as an opportunity to develop new ideas.

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